Business Backpacks- The Modern Briefcase

Business Backpacks- The Modern Briefcase

When you think of someone in business, a mental image may come to mind of someone in a well-tailored suit paired with the classic black briefcase. Increasingly though, the ubiquitous briefcase is being replaced by a new business accessory- the backpack. More versatile and comfortable than the briefcase, the business backpack is the up-and-coming carry-all for the modern businessperson.


Duravo Luggage Backpack


The business backpack is increasing in popularity. Once seen as juvenile, business backpacks are now the new “flex”, with no stigma attached to this versatile accessory. Backpacks allow commuters to carry all of their essentials for the workday without the hassle of a hard-sized briefcase and are easier to carry and manage in airports. 

Additionally, this hands-free option is a plus for using your phone while walking from public transportation to the office and back again. Backpacks can also serve as personal items on most airlines, and Duravo’s backpacks are designed to be able to store under most standard-sized airline seats. Overall, business backpacks are a more practical choice for your daily commute or longer business travel. 


The only way to transport the classic briefcase is by carrying it by the handle. This can cause soreness in the hands, wrists, and arms, shoulder pain, and issues from walking off-balance. Toting a heavy briefcase through transit stations, up and down stairs, and through city streets can be a hassle. 

Business backpacks like the Duravo Venture offer ergonomic back support with padding. Backpacks also balance the weight that someone is carrying, cutting down on arm and shoulder pain, and allowing the user to be more balanced when walking. 


You want your tech to be protected! Even with accessories like zippered protector cases, laptops and tablets can get jostled easily while inside a briefcase. Business backpacks offer designated pockets and sleeves for laptops and tablets. These padded compartments keep electronics secured and less likely to be scratched or broken.



Finally, business backpacks are more versatile than briefcases. Backpacks can easily hold clothing for after-work activities like the gym. Most backpacks, like the Duravo Agile backpack, have designated compartments for keys, water bottles, and anything else you need for a long day at the office or on the go. Additionally, your business backpack can easily switch to a carry-on or personal item while flying, or go along on a day hiking trip. Don’t purchase multiple bags for each occasion- consider a business backpack that can go from the office to the airplane to the great outdoors!

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