What Makes the Duravo Carry-On's Wheels Superior?

What Makes the Duravo Carry-On's Wheels Superior?

You probably know that Duravo carry-ons are durable and lightweight thanks to Flexshell™ technology. However, many other components go into making a piece of state-of-the-art luggage. Wheels are an important consideration when choosing a carry-on suitcase that will be rolling through airports, city streets, hotel hallways, and more. With this in mind, Duravo has included top-of-the-line wheels with every carry-on that will help you travel anywhere with ease. 

Duravo Carry-on Wheels on Cobblestone road

The Hinomoto Brand

Hinomoto, a Japanese brand, has long been recognized as the gold standard in suitcase wheels. Described as “the personification of Japanese craftsmanship”, Hinomoto wheels are ultra-quiet, durable, and glide effortlessly. Duravo carry-ons feature Hinomoto 360 degree ball-bearing spinner wheels for ease of movement. Beyond the brand, much thought was put into the type of wheels to include with the Duravo expandable carry-on.

Stability and Friction Reduction

Single wheels and double wheels are available from Hinomoto to add to luggage. During our research and testing process, we concluded that the best option was to utilize double wheels. Luggage with double wheels tends to be more balanced compared to single wheels. Duravo includes 8 wheels which help to stabilize the suitcase and make it easier to navigate various terrain. The axis between the wheels prevents debris from getting stuck between the wheel housing and the wheel. This could cause the wheel to be run down quickly. 

Duravo’s wheels are ball-bearing. Ball bearings are used in many items to prevent friction. This is especially true for parts which are moving faster, like suitcase wheels. Ball bearings are a perfect choice for the high-quality wheels that we use. 

Tried and Tested 

Like every other part of our carry-on suitcase, the wheels on a Duravo are put through extensive testing. Tests like the wheel abrasion test, which evaluates the friction and wear characteristics of materials, and the 45 degree test, which measures the performance of the carry-on as it is tilted onto the back wheels, are performed on our carry-ons and used to make improvements if needed. You can be confident that the wheels on your Duravo carry-on have been tried, tested, and found to be the best in the business. 

Want to know more? Check out our carry-on page for more information about Duravo’s construction, materials, and testing, as well as reviews from real-life Duravo customers. 

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