vs Away

You may be wondering why a seasoned traveler would choose a Duravo Carry-On over the similarly-priced Away Carry-On Flex. What makes Duravo special? What makes it the clear choice when deciding what luggage to invest in?
To begin, Duravo has a more distinguished look than the Away Carry-On Flex due to its cutting-edge composite shell material, Flexshell™. Away uses the common suitcase material, polycarbonate, that is less durable, heavier and does not look any different than other luggage maker materials. Duravo material is significantly lighter than the material used to manufacture the Carry-On Flex.
Duravo’s Flexshell™ rivals materials used in much higher priced luggage. Flexshell™ is a German-made self-reinforced composite material that is used in pro sports equipment, military gear, and automotive components. It offers a breakthrough combination of strength and lightness that Away just cannot compete with.
The entire process of creating a Duravo carry-on is eco-friendly. Flexshell is created in an environmentally clean thermoplastic process that involves no solvents, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), plasticizers, PFAS, BPAs, or halogenated compounds and is fully recyclable in common polymer recycling processes.
Indestructible Flexshell™ composite material
Superior protection
Featherweight yet durable
Duravo's Flexshell™
composite material is a game-changer, providing  5 times the strength of
traditional plastics. An impact-resistant material that stands firm under intense force and extreme temperatures, Flexshell™ resists cracks and deformation.


Away Carry-Ons    are made from polycarbonate and aluminum materials, that are less durable and heavier.

Product Weight

Expertly designed and engineered to maximize the Flexshell composite material's reduced weight, the Duravo Expandable Carry-On weighs in at 5.5 pounds.


When every ounce counts (especially when traveling internationally), Away’s sturdy Carry-On Flex weighs in at 8.2 pounds.


The expertly-designed interior of Duravo’s Expandable Carry-On features 4 distinct pockets for clothing and toiletries, a handy storage compartment for chargers and USB cords, an eyeglass case, an Apple Airtag sleeve, 46L of capacity when expanded, and adjustable compression straps to maximize space.


Away has “Compression Straps with separate pad/pockets” while Duravo has “compression straps-with-pockets”.

Features comparison

Feature: Duravo Away
Telescoping handle
Duravo: 3 stage aircraft grade aluminum
Away: 2 stage
Side and top handle
Shell Material
Duravo: FlexshellTM
Away: Polycarbonate
YKK Zippers
Duravo: FlexshellTM
Away: Polycarbonate
Hinomoto ball bearing wheels
Duravo: Yes
Away: No Ball Bearing
Hidden Air tag pocket
Compression Straps
Duravo: includes pockets
Away: separate pockets insert
Exterior design aesthetic
Duravo: Unique and stylish
Away: Similar to other carry-ons
Duravo: 5.5 Pounds
Away: 8.2 Pounds
USB Charger Port
Duravo: Charger port on TSA lock with internal pocket for user's powerbank
Away: None Pounds
Luggage hang tag
Duravo: Leather
Away: Plastic
Duravo: Lifetime
Away: Lifetime

Product Price

Duravo and Away are priced similarly, at $375 and $325, respectively. Duravo has all the features of Away and is made with premium materials, a better design aesthetic, and distinguished look, all at a lower weight.


However, Away boasts fewer features, weighs more, is not as distinguished or as durable.

Buy Duravo and Save Big