vs Tumi Tegra-Lite Carry-on

The right suitcase will make a
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Why Duravo?

Duravo carry-ons are lighter, tougher, and just as stylish as the comparable Tumi carry-on.... at about ⅓ of the price!
Sharing a passion for travel and bringing together deep engineering and business expertise, Duravo founders Eric and Matt have created a revolutionary luggage experience.
They discovered a German-made self-reinforced composite material used in pro sports equipment, military gear, and automotive components. Working closely with the German engineering team, they created Flexshell™, a new material that offers a breakthrough combination of strength and lightness.
Indestructible Flexshell™ composite material
Superior protection
Featherweight yet durable


Duravo's Flexshell™ composite material is a game-changer, providing 5 times the strength of traditional plastics. An impact-resistant material that stands firm under intense force and extreme temperatures, Flexshell™ resists cracks and deformation.


The Tumi Tegra-Lite is made from a similar, strong composite material that withstands the wear and tear of frequent travel. 

Product Weight


Expertly designed and engineered to maximize the Flexshell composite material's significantly reduced weight compared to polycarbonate and aluminum luggage.
Lightest in class.


Tumi is  lightweight and resilient for both international and domestic travel.
It's lightweight...

Product Size


Duravo is not only tough but includes features that set it apart from competitors like Tumi. At a 46L capacity when expanded, Duravo's expandable carry-on features 4 distinct pockets for clothing and toiletries, a handy storage compartment for chargers and USB cords, an eyeglass case, an Apple Airtag sleeve, and adjustable compression straps to maximize space. No need for additional modular accessories, Duravo carry-ons have everything you need built right in!


Tumi's Tegra-lite International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-on interior offers 2 pockets for storage, laundry, and organization. Compression straps hold items in place, and Tumi's website sells packing cubes separately. Expanded, the Tumi Tegra-Lite has a 44L capacity. 


While Tumi luggage is made from recycled materials, Duravo takes sustainability one step further. The entire process of making a Duravo carry-on is eco-friendly!

Flexshell is created in an environmentally clean thermoplastic process that involves no solvents, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), plasticizers, PFAS, BPAs,
or halogenated compounds and is fully recyclable in common polymer recycling processes.

You can feel good about your impact on the planet with Duravo.


Product Price


Duravo is the "Best Carry-on luggage" because it combines affordability with top-notch quality, proving that you don't need to break the bank to combine style and durability.


TUMI's Tegra-Lite International Expandable 4 Wheeled carry-on luggage earns its position as the second-best due to its durable construction and smart packing features, falling just short of the top spot based on factors like price, weight and bulkiness.

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