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Unpacking your Duravo International Carry-on

We want you to get the most out of your new luggage, so let's take a look at some key features and how to keep your Duravo luggage looking new.

Opening the Lock for the first time

Opening the lock is just requires sliding the round lock towards the combination.

For the first time, make sure the combo is set to all 0's and push/slide the lock to release the zipper pullers!  

TSA Lock Operation

A TSA lock enables you to secure your luggage while complying with travel regulations. Here's a quick guide to opening, setting, and using the lock.
Note: Your lock does not include a key, as keys are used only by TSA personnel.


Lock and Charge Port Components

  1. Sliding key lock button 
  2. Lock combination 
  3. Combination set/reset button
  1. Zipper pulls 
  2. USB Port

Steps to set up  your TSA Lock

Step 1

Set the lock combination to “000”

Step 2

Slide the round key lock button (1 above) in the direction of the adjacent small arrow.

Step 3

Use a pen tip or thin metal object to press the lock set/reset button (3) inward until it clicks into place.

Step 4

Set the combination (2) for a 3-digit number you can easily remember.

Step 5

Press the lock set/reset button again; it should pop up.

Step 6

Slide the round key lock button once again toward the arrow to release the zipper pulls (4). You're all set!

Lets take a look inside

Now that we've gotten into your luggage, we'll walk you through some of the features,  premium materials and a wealth of pockets / compartments, your new Duravo suitcase provides


Compression Straps

Adjustable, quick-release straps help you pack more items and keep them secure

AirTag Sleeve

Easily track your luggage with an AirTag or Tile in the secure sleeve that also hides your tracker from anyone who gets their hands on your luggage.


Integrated Tie-down Pockets

These handy pockets are a great place to store smaller items such as power cords and important documents.

Power Bank Storage

Use the easily accessible pocket to add or remove your personal power bank, then connect it with the included cord and external access port.


Laundy Pocket

Keep your dirty items separate from your clean ones with the zippered and vented laundry pocket.

Cleaning your Luggage

Scratches and scuffs on the Flexshell surface from routine luggage handling can be minimized or eliminated by wiping with “magic eraser” type melamine foam sponge and some water.